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So today's Booster Buddy task was to spend five minutes writing in a journal or notebook and I guess it's somehow been a really long time, so here's a good place to talk. :D

I haven't been keeping up, I'm sorry; I really hope you guys are doing well at the moment! Things with me have been... kind of up and down, I guess. I've got to the point that I can no longer ignore all the things that need dealing with, and I'm energy-filled enough to deal with it, so it's mostly head down and bulling through.

Positive changes I have made:

I am now walking home from school every day, which is a half hour brisk walk, and taking the stairs up to my flat rather than the lift. I'm also doing a core exercises 30-day workout thing, and so far, after about six days I have... finally managed day 1. I'm absurdly unfit but, while overweight, not morbidly obese, and the calorie counter I've been using is kind of showing why, as I am loads under every day. Most days I have between four and five hundred calories left at the end of the day, so it's genuinely been the lack of moving that's made me so horribly unfit. I already feel more energetic and more able to cope with things, so it's obviously working at least a little.

I'm peeved there appear to be Basically No Swimming Pools in Nottingham, though.

I'm also using Booster Buddy, like I said, which is an app that helps you achieve little things when you're having a bad day. There's a daily check in, coping strategies, and minor quests that wake up your animal pal. I'm currently dressing mine up like Harold Finch.

Work is absurd. Teaching is always absurd. I suspect the government is trying to kill us all.
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