Jan. 10th, 2016

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I would like to do fandom more on here, I think; it's been a bit void-shouty lately. Is anyone member of any good fandomy comms? Specifically on dreamwidth, because I'm terribler at keeping up with LJ. I just could use a bit more talk where I can feel a part of the conversation, maybe a little more prompting to write.

Today is a bad head day. I want to sleep for a million years but tomorrow I'm back to work so a normal awakeness schedule seems warranted. My spelling is terrible but that's fine because you can't tell. :D
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I feel, as ever, as though I've written nothing, but these are in fact what I wrote:

Nomenclature [MCU, Bucky/Bruce, 2030 words]

"I’m not him,” Barnes says, and Bruce twists without meaning to, looks at the blank lines of his face.“Him?”
“Sergeant Barnes,” he says. His mouth twists a little when he says it. “Bucky.”
“Okay,” Bruce says. He knows about names, about who gets to choose them, about which ones get given. He knows about the power that lives in that. “So who do you want to be?”

Filed Away [Hawaii Five-0, Steve/Danny, 1,540 words]

No one questions him going home with Steve, because where the hell else is he gonna go, huh? Somewhere there's a hospital room with his family's name on it - and this is possibly literal, okay, because Stan has more money than Danny can actually conceive of, and one time Danny was party to stealing ten million dollars. But somewhere there's a hospital room with his family's name on, only that name isn't his any more. Somehow he got shuffled off to the side, lost in the index, dotted and filed and stuck in a box marked 'done'.

Tumblr Ficlets [Due South, Fraser/Kowalski, 1051 words]

Tumblr Ficlets [Hawaii Five-0, Steve/Danny, 1631 words]

An Awkwardness of Firsts [Good Omens, Brian/Wensleydale, 4989 words]

Brian was a bit unpredictable, though, like a bomb about to go off. Also apparently he didn’t put his crisp packets in the bin even when there was a poster specifically telling him to put his crisp packets in the bin. Jeremy was almost sure he didn’t want to be friends with Brian.

I have a bunch of unfinished things, too, but. Yeah. That's pretty sad.



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