Jan. 23rd, 2016

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I had kind of a meltdown in counselling on Wednesday because my counsellor implied that people might like me in a way that was - hard to disprove using my usual well-worn arguments.

I kinda see its value now. (It's still expensive tho)
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I had two (TWO!) social commitments after work yesterday, which does rather mean that I have to have today away from people to recover. I'm an introvert, I'm unused to a social life in my current location (although I am working steadily to build one, and I am making excellent progress!) and my brain hasn't been particularly nice to me recently, so the recovery time is basically essential. I made the foolish error of reading Hollow Your Bones Like a Bird's this morning, which may confine me to my flat for the rest of the weekend with the rest of the Toaster 'verse.

There are worse fates.

I've stalled temporarily on the snowflake challenge because the next task is to create a fanwork, and my brain hasn't, as I said, been kind. Writing continues, but nothing that I would feel confident to share. I considered podficcing, or creating some sort of fanmix, but the conviction that the universe is impatient with me isn't shifting yet, so I'll keep greasing the tracks and give it time.

I need to start using my weekends again, I think. The new year so far - it's still new until I've written the date, and so far I have successfully avoided it - has been one of recovery, but the walls of my flat are starting to pall. (I'm tired of being cold, too - that's the best thing about going to work, at the moment.)

I appear to be treating my slow cooker like a new pet, terrified to leave it alone for too long in case something goes wrong. Currently cooking: chicken breast, chestnut mushrooms, garlic, seasoning, white wine - light philadelphia to be added later. Om potentially nom. :D



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