Jan. 25th, 2016

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Day 5

Leave feedback for a fanwork. Or multiple fanworks. It can be as simple as I liked this to a detailed list of all the things you loved about the fanwork. The key is to leave some sort of feedback.

If you've already left feedback in the course of a previous challenge, it totally counts. But you're free to leave more feedback.

Afterwards, leave a comment in this post with the equivalent of "I did it!" If you feel so inclined, leave a link to the fanwork you left feedback for so others can check it out.


I read Fidelis by the_ragnarok, which was a really lovely look at John Reece's urgent need to be owned. Urgent. This is also the theme running through the current PoI fic that I'm writing. :D

I make a practice of leaving feedback regularly, for pretty much everything I read - kudos are for re-reads. Feedback on AO3 means a hell of a lot to me, and it's also a huge factor in whether I decide to read anyone else's work - my fic wouldn't meet my own standards, of course. I'm not very good at feedback, and it's mostly a variation on 'Thank you so much, this was a fantastic read!' but it's worth the couple seconds. Sometimes feedback is the only decent thing about your day.


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