Feb. 24th, 2016

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Counselling today was a celebration of sorts. I hadn't seen him since I got my job, and today was full of acknowledgements of the fact that I have worked hard And Therefore things are pretty good. (The therefore is important. The two are interconnected.)

Something important I am finding out: one of the truly lovely things about staying in one place for more than a year is that people start to know you (you start to let people know you). There is genuinely nothing I like better than people saying they thought of me, that something reminded them of me. Today it was an awesome woman at work who'd been to an 'odd, retro, Alice in Wonderland-themed' bar with 'weird skulls'. It's delightful that things like that make people think of me and rush to tell me so I can enjoy them. It's delightful that other people endorse their recommendations - yeah, Nny, that's so you!

For years I've only had that from people I've known online for years, people I love who unfortunately it takes a lot of planning to actually see. Now I'm getting to the point where I can say: hey, drinks next Friday? and I'm getting to the point where people say: hell yeah!

Life is getting good.


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