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Had an 11 hour work day so far today, with at least another couple before I can go to sleep. Tomorrow I'm looking at at least 12 hours. I'm working my arse off constantly, I'm planning the best lessons I can considering how tired I am, I'm snowed under with planning and parents' evenings and mentoring days and training and INSETs and reports and marking and constant assessments, one after another after another. I'm in my first year and I am really beginning to wonder if I can do this.

So Jamie's Dream School pisses me off more than a little.

"I wanted to see if we could inspire some of these young people - a handful of those kids who hadn't been inspired at their own schools - by creating a school where the teachers were absolute experts in their subjects."

Cheers for that.

It's another thing like Ken Robinson's talks - gets people nodding along and admiring what these celebrities are doing, but offering nothing to those people who are actually trying to educate kids, day to day.
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Know what I did this week? I got Paul Bettany & Tom Hardy and the Doctor Who Handlebars fanvid into my English lessons.

You wish you were this cool.

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Oh so much do I want to go to this, but it's on a school day. So I'm thinking I'll hunt down the schemes of work for the relevant time period and see how the heck I can swing it as a school trip (read: bullshit frantically).

I really do love my job, you know.


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