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I started this story over a year ago, how ridiculous is that? Need to make an effort to write more often. Just a small bit of ridiculousness...


Title: How Ray Got His Turtle
Fandom: due South
Rating Gen
Summary He couldn’t help thinking that was what the universe had in store for him, though, some wildly bizarre death to overshadow everything that he ever did until he’s just Ray Kowalski: Dead of Melon.

How Ray Got His Turtle )
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[livejournal.com profile] liz666 gave me this for the icon meme and heeee, so much fun. So I post here instead of responding to her comment like a normal person. XD

"You insulted the uniform, Ray."

Ray vaults over a chair and darts around the desk, keeping it between him and Fraser. The Mountie's got a light in his eyes that makes him look almost evil and Ray's laughing hard enough he almost trips over Dief, who gives an insulted whine and hides under the desk.

"No no no," he manages eventually, "no I didn't, I swear."

"You insulted the uniform, Ray." And okay, so the edge of his mouth is twitching up like he's going to laugh any second, but Fraser's a big guy and Ray's not gonna stop running until he's definitely laughing, for sure, and maybe not even then. For a Mountie, Fraser can be pretty damned sneaky.

"Not so much an insult," he makes a break from behind the desk, diving past Dewey and ducking behind Frannie, holding onto her upper arms and using her as a human shield. "Not an insult, more a - " he raises his voice a little, trying to drown out Frannie's outraged squawking. He lets go one of her arms so he can defend himself from the file she's trying to beat him to death with. "More of a - whaddayacallit. Enhancement."


Fraser's advancing across the bullpen like the slow march of death or something, and Ray lets go of Frannie and races for the door. He makes it out into the hallway, close enough to freedom he can smell it, and then a hand grabs the back of his jacket and pulls him backwards, almost pulling him over, tugging him into the supply closet. He collapses back against the shelves, still snorting helplessly, and Fraser reaches up to tug the light on.

"Enhancement," he says again, like he can't quite believe it, and Ray grins.

"Word of the day calendar, Fraser buddy."

"This - " and he reaches around behind himself, grabs hold of the offending article, tugs it into view. "This is an enhancement."

Ray regards the orange and black striped tail and swallows another bray of laughter, biting his lip and attempting to frown thoughtfully.

"I think it suits you."

Fraser stares at him for a second or two like he's nuts which, fair point, and then shakes his head slowly. His 'what the hell am I gonna do with you' look, except Fraser'd never say hell, not even in his head.

"Plus," Ray says, straightening up a little so where he was slumped against shelves now he's leaning, leaning with intent, "it gave me an excuse to stare at your ass."

"...you're incorrigible."

"Nah," says Ray, as he rests his hands on Fraser's hips, pulls him closer, "not until the 17th."
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For [livejournal.com profile] darthrami. No reason.

Fraser/Kowalski, PG-13

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