Jan. 16th, 2016

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Okay, yes, wittering about concussions is unseemly. Chin up!

Good things at present:

I am reading Bill Bryson, who has become rather more cantankerous in his old age, but continues to string together delightful sentences. I like reading about places I know from someone else's perspective, it's rather delightful.

I am also reading Medieval Graffiti, about the aforementioned that's been found in various churches around England. It's taking its time getting started, but the writing style is engaging and I'm interested enough in the subject matter to continue. It's making me think of one of the places I've lived and I think it might be Gloucester - unfortunately the concussion has left it a little harder to distinguish at present. XD

I have goals! Namely this. I'm nowhere near financially prepared for buying a house at present, but the urge to actually buy - to commit to a place, to commit to facing any consequences from mistakes made in a place, is a new thing for me. It's warring against my habitual itchy feet, certainly, but man am I ready for the change! It's nice to have a saving goal, and even if one of this row of cottages isn't available when I've saved enough for it to be a sensible option, there are enough places like it in Nottingham that I'm sure I'll be able to find somewhere.

I also think I will be joining this library, as it looks utterly beautiful from the website and I need more reasons to leave the house that don't involve shopping. Another indication that I won't be leaving Nottingham any time soon, which is simultaneously lovely and unnerving.

Finally, I've been writing rather more lately, although nothing of any real substance. Mostly silly little Person of Interest ficlets because I continue enthralled. Unfortunately I don't have the mental faculty to do it any justice; this morning was spent speculating about Finch meeting Baymax.
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I've been thinking about work a lot lately.

The problem we seem to have more than any other is low aspirations. What I'd like to do is start a kind of... dream development club. A little time set aside to listen to kids, to listen to what they'd do in their wildest dreams, and show them routes that could take them there if they put the work in.

Like, researching local clubs that build the required skills; helping them research what further education is needed; helping them to put together a savings plan so they can contribute towards theatre school, whatever it is that they want to achieve. Allowing them to start to see a path - allowing them to see that a path is actually possible in a way that's not, like, X-Factor or whatever.

I had a kid I was talking to - he's 11 years old and he wants to be an American footballer. And that's it, that's all he's thought about it, which is totally valid for his age of course. But I spent ten minutes with him, we researched, found a local club, emailed to ask what age they start training and what exercise and skills he can develop until he's at an age to join. It was the smallest thing, but he seriously was so enthused by it.

The area we're in, a lot of the parents don't have the experience to be able to offer this kind of support. I mean, I don't necessarily, but I'm reasonably good at research at least.

I dunno. I'll talk to my friend who runs extension & achievement, see if it's a feasible thing.


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