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Went to the doctor and have been given prozac as an anti-anxiety thinger, which I'm not sure how I feel about. I hate medication I've heard of. *laughs*

I'm thinking I'll try this out for a while, and when I move to Cheltenham I'll see if I can explore other options like meditation or something.

I've lost my mobile phone - did I mention that? - so I had to stay up when I woke at 6 this morning (after about 4 hours sleep) so that I could make sure I didn't sleep through the appointment-booking time at the surgery. 'm gonna go have a nap. XD
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I do not understand how dizzy can come from the center of my back.

ETA: Okay, this is fucking ridiculous. I totally didn't get on with the antidepressants and I stopped taking them a long time ago, and I've felt so much better since doing so I can't even tell you. But I seriously think I need to go to the doctor and talk about getting some anti-anxiety meds of some description.

I'm all curled tight around a ball of oh fuck in my stomach to the point where I'm having these uncontrollable full-body flinches which keep making me smack various parts of my body into the desk involuntarily. I'd shift to the bed but my laptop would bounce off my lap - it's happened before, once, and the only thing I ended up able to do to counter it was to punch the wall until I bruised both my hands.

This is not right. And not right things are best dealt with by going to the doctor and asking for advice and/or medication, and that doesn't make me a failure in any way.

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Today's a good day, I think. I'm really starting to see some progress from the counseling, which is pleasing, and I'm making steps towards being able to consolidate and further my own progress. Tomorrow I'm going to trundle around town and sign up to as many agencies as there are going, see if I can get some temp work for ease of moving.

Also, I have a frickin' gorgeous new layout, courtesy of the talented and gracious [livejournal.com profile] unamaga: [livejournal.com profile] villainny.

And, because I am a painful dork, I have a Sheppard action figure.



How's your day going?


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